time with your Father

The question arises, when is the BEST time to have a time alone with your Heavenly Father?  The Bible tells us Jesus went alone up on a mountain and prayed all night.  The account doesn’t indicate He came down the next morning and went to bed.  It seems He ministered all day, prayed all night, and came down to minister all day again.  By example, Jesus spent time with the Father while everyone else was sleeping.

Many cry, “that’s not necessary! You can spend time with the Father ANY time that you have free time, it doesn’t have to be early in the morning (cry those who stay up late and don’t want to rise up early); it doesn’t have to be late at night (cry those who rise up early for work and fall asleep on the sofa by 9pm); it doesn’t have to be during my lunch hour (cry those who love to eat).”  Many seem to focus on all the reasons they can’t connect with the Father on a regular basis, rather than seeking a time and place where they can connect.

We know that God never sleeps or slumbers.  He is always available.  He longs for your fellowship!  He said He never leaves us nor forsakes us; Jesus said, “Lo, I am with you always”.  So the timing of our fellowship is not important to Him, but it should be important to us.

It cost Jesus EVERYTHING to redeem mankind.  He spared nothing to bring us into the family of God.  He suffered shame, ridicule, pain, agony, cruelty beyond measure, and paid the price for our sin so that we could enjoy everlasting life in the Kingdom of God. 

The timing of our fellowship should be important to us because it should reflect our honor, appreciation, and love to the Father for all He has provided for us.  When our time of fellowship with Him is merely the leftovers of our busy day, those few minutes before we fall off to sleep, a little time squeezed between supper and bed or breakfast and work, when that time isn’t valuable to us, when it doesn’t “cost us” anything to spend it with Him, it doesn’t reflect our honor and appreciation for our Father God. 

Does He REQUIRE premium time – time that costs you something? I thought God wasn’t looking for sacrifice any more, you say.  He doesn’t require sacrifice, but He definitely recognizes and honors it.  God said, “Those who honor Me, I will honor.”  If your time with the Father has been dry and unfruitful, if you read His Word and find it just doesn’t speak to you, let me suggest you set aside a time in your day specifically to fellowship with the Father. Purpose to make it a time that is not convenient for you or comfortable for your flesh.  Make it a time you may have to sacrifice something to meet with Him (get up early, skip lunch, walk around while you fellowship because your body is demanding sleep).  Make your time of fellowship with the Father a time of personal sacrifice because you honor Him and want to know Him more.

If you will commit to your plan of fellowship and stand firm, you WILL meet with the Father.  Your fellowship time will become sweeter and sweeter as you grow in intimacy with Him.  Soon it will become the highlight of your day and you will look forward with excitement to that precious time together.  You will become more and more like Jesus, Who released rivers of living waters to people all day long, then climbed a mountain to meet with the Father and be refreshed in His presence.  Then He descended to release the power of God once again, setting the captives free.  Only your flesh stands between you and His glory!