Testimonies of Real People with Real Needs
and Their Real God Who Responds to Faith

“I felt SO GOOD after the service!”

In the Fall of 2017 I suffered an accident that broke my ankle in seven places, resulting in two operations and seven months of recuperation and therapy.  I was just getting back into church regularly when I was diagnosed with  a compression fracture in my spine, presumably from the same accident.  When I could no longer tolerate the pain,   I had back surgery  that “cemented” my vertebrae in position, expecting this would alleviate my pain.  But I continued to experience back pain whenever I sat or stood for very long.  Weary and weak when Sunday morning came, I determined I would not miss seeing my church family again.  I developed a plan. 

I would purposefully arrive late, knowing the pain in my back would send me home within an hour.  I needed groceries, so my plan included a couple of hours in bed after I left church. Once my back pain subsided, I would go to the store.  This had been my grocery routine since my surgery: shop until the pain sent me home,  several hours of bedrest, then return to the store to complete my shopping.

When I arrived at church I was surprised to find they were still praising and worshiping God. The Lord instructed Pastor Sam to have me move to the front and just soak in His presence, which I did.  I felt God right there with me as Pastor Sam laid his hands on my ankles and prayed for them.  While he held my ankles, I experienced a heat radiating through my body, mostly in my back, which remained until 9pm that evening!  Pastor Sam also prayed that my bones would be strengthened.   I felt God’s presence and started to shake all over.  Tears of relief streamed down my cheeks as the pain subsided.  Another believer put his hand on my head and I felt strength enter me.  Later Pastor Sam anointed me with oil according to James 5:14. And I was totally healed of the Lord!   I have not had any pain in my body since that service more than four months ago! 

I left the church when the service concluded and felt SO GOOD, I went on to the grocery store, did ALL my shopping, and went home still excited, full of energy, and pain free!  Praise God!

I sure am HAPPY I dragged myself to church that morning!  And I so appreciate Pastor Sam listening to the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to lead the service.  I needed this kind of service so much.  And I am grateful to God for bringing healing, strength, and freedom from pain to my body.  I feel like a new person!

C. R.       Rosman, NC                                      July 2018

“Jesus Heals!”
I found Spoken Word Church Brevard through  God told me I needed to be in a Bible faith church, and I needed to learn the meaning of His Word.  After several telephone contacts with the Pastor, I first visited the Tuesday night Bible study. I must say, it was a blessing to find Christian believers who believed like I do.
Eleven or twelve years eariler, I had experienced chronic pain in my left foot that eventually led to surgery.  Unfortunately, the surgery did not relieve my great pain.  
After the Bible study concluded, Pastor Sam began to pray and I heard him call my name.  I sensed a warmth in my left foot and then Pastor Sam laid hands on it.  
Since that day more than two weeks ago, I have had NO PAIN in my foot.  Even my knees, which had been hurting, are pain free!  I have received my healing from the Lord Jesus!  Praise God!
Since that night, I have attended every service!  What a blessing listening to the Pastors as they preach and teach!  To God be the glory!
 J. G.              Hendersonville, NC                                    July 2018
“How GOOD is God!!”
I would like to testify of the goodness of God.  Since I have been attending Spoken Word Church Brevard, I have been healed of chronic stomach problems.  
Also, I had injured my back while working.  One Sunday morning as I got up to go to church, I could barely stand.  The pain in my back was intense.  It took me about ten minutes before I could actually walk a few steps and was able to get dressed.  I was determined I was going to church!  And I did!  Pastors prayed for me and my back has not hurt since–and that was several months ago! 
Truly God is a good God! 
E. S.             Franklin, NC                                   September 2018