God’s Answer for Schools

Our schools are becoming war zones in America. No longer safe at school, students are being trained how to respond to an active shooter alarm, in much the same way they have practiced fire drills and tornado drills.  Our young people are being prepared for life in a war zone with imminent danger.  Soon they may be trained to recognize and report fellow students who potentially pose a threat to their safety.

In the wake of February’s school shootings in Florida, many students, parents, politicians, and the media have posed ideas to create safer schools.  Included are demands for gun control, the banning of assault rifles, increasing the age limit and enforcing more stringent background checks for those purchasing guns. Guns aren’t the killer.  Knives, bombs, baseball bats, strong hands around a throat–aren’t the killers.  If a person desires to kill another, they can find a tool, but it isn’t the tool that kills.  The killer is the heart filled with hatred: self-hatred, and hatred for others.  No new law can change a human heart.  Only God can do that. 

Realizing there is no solution in the mind of man that will keep our schools safe, I began to pray and intercede for our children.  Father God, what is your solution for this situation? Must our children live in fear, examining classmates for signs of danger, constantly on the lookout for anything suspicious?  Must they enter their classrooms, searching for the nearest closet to hide in, or hunting the nearest exit door, just in case they need to run? Will they be issued bulletproof vests and helmets in the future?  Is this really how our children must live?  As I cried out to God, I sensed He responded:

Watchmen on the wall.  Every school should have watchmen on the wall: men and women of God: students, school staff, parents, pastors.   Can you do that?  

What would these people do?

1) Pray that the spiritual eyes and ears of school staff, students, and Resource Officers would be open to the warning signs of a troubled child.  They would ask and then listen for the Holy Spirit to reveal the hidden things as the Bible declares He will do.

2) School staff, students, and Resource Officers would purpose to draw in those children who are being ostracized, bullied, the loners who “don’t fit”. They could create ways to include these children and love on them.  The watchmen on the wall would be in prayer for these children to be released from the power of the enemy, setting them free from his deceptions.

3) GET THE BIBLE BACK IN SCHOOL!  Children would learn from an early age, as many older adults did in their schools, the “Golden Rule” Jesus spoke of: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  They would learn to honor, respect, and submit to authority: their teachers, principals, coaches, parents, and each other.  The Bible is alive and powerful (Hebrews 4:12).  The Word of God changes HEARTS, which changes PEOPLE.  Heart change is God’s answer for the war zones in our schools.

4) God is love!  The presence of God needs to be FELT on every campus and it can be.  If believing school staff, students, parents, and pastors are willing to meet and pray over the schools and its students every day before class, safety would return to our schools.  Old timers used to call it, “pleading the blood of Jesus.”  And the blood of Jesus is just as powerful today as it ever was.  That blood erects a barrier between people and the devil that the devil CANNOT cross. 

5) Christian students should take this mandate to heart.  Refusing to live in fear, you should boldly declare, “NO DEVIL!  You can’t have my school and you can’t have my classmates!”  You should be there early with your friends, praying Psalm 91 over your school and classmates.  You should be there looking for those “fringe” kids and making friends of them.  The Psalmist David was just a young boy when he took on a giant, but God was with David, and he took Goliath down.  God is with YOU!

So I ask you, as God asked me, can YOU do this?  Sure you can.  But it will take time. I believe our children and their future are worth the effort and time it will take. I believe if students, parents, grandparents and pastors would rally “watchmen on the wall”, we could end the hatred in our schools.  We could end bullying and violence on our campuses, and bring the Kingdom of God onto the school grounds.  Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is not meat or drink, but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.” And “the Kingdom of God is within you”.  If you are born again, if Jesus is your Savior and Lord, God meant for you to take His Kingdom WHEREVER you go.  Purpose to take it to the school(s) in your community!  Don’t wait for someone else to do it – YOU DO IT!  Let’s start the 2018-2019 school year with watchmen on the wall at every high school.  Rally your believing friends and let your Principal know you have a plan from God that will change the atmosphere at their school.  God will show up and the Principal and your community will see the results.  Let’s take our schools back from the enemy and make Jesus Lord on every campus.