The Father calls us to walk by faith.  “Without faith it is impossible to please God.”  As believers, we should ALWAYS have a faith project–personally, and as part of the family of a local church!  Our projects may involve healing for our bodies, restoration of relationships, financial needs, personal growth, business needs.  The Father has made provision for whatever we need in Christ Jesus our Lord!                    
Below are the projects the Lord has instructed us to believe Him to provide for this ministry.  WE BELIEVE GOD!  We include this information on our website so that you can: 1) agree with us that we receive, and 2) be blessed by sowing seed into good ground that you might reap an abundant harvest.  
 And we access that provision by faith.  Faith says, “I believe God’s Word and I believe ‘He has provided all things that pertain unto life and godliness’ for me because He loves me.”  We ask, believing we receive, and then we thank Him for the answer until we see it.  That is how we operate by faith and please God.  “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom!”
 Summer Project: Uttermost Witness Hull Repair  Goal: $2500  
Checkout the slide show below for details of this ministry
AMAZING GOD – AMAZING PEOPLE!  SWCB was able to sow $3100 into this missions need!  Praise God!  The ship has been hauled out and is being repaired; as of 8/16 about half of the needed $25,000 has been received.  We continue to collect funds to send or you may send directly to Uttermost Ministries, 9030 E 101st St, Tulsa, OK . 74133.  Visit