don’t let your age limit your usefulness to the kingdom

As my day began, I found myself thinking of things I desired to do for the Kingdom, still undone.  My mind suggested that considering my age, it was possible I would not experience all that was in my heart.  Knowing it was God’s design for mankind to live 120 years (Genesis 6:5),  I realize I am just middle-aged!  Yet when I think of the limitations so many people experience with aging, my mind quickly concluded my usefulness in the Kingdom could be limited.

Thank God the Lord interrupted my thought-filled ponderings with these words: “Don’t let the age of your physical body limit your usefulness to the Kingdom of God.” He reminded me I am a spirit being, who resides in a physical body.  While I am growing daily in spiritual maturity, I do not age.  The gifts and callings of God are without repentance: meaning He doesn’t change His mind.  What He designed me to do in the Kingdom remains constant, no matter how many years my body resides on earth. 

Is your body a classic?  Or maybe an antique?  You remain a priceless treasure to your Heavenly Father.  You are still vitally useful and necessary to His plans being fulfilled.  What can you do? 

Can you pray? With the current state of our world and Nation, NOTHING could be more important than prayer.  Many times I hear people say, “there’s nothing I can do but pray.”  BUT pray?  How big is your God?  He said, “ask and you shall receive”.  Do you believe His Word?  Pray the Word of God by the Spirit of God and watch miraculous things happen as you release the power of God into every situation.  Nothing works like prayer!

Can you encourage? The world can be cruel and hurtful.  Without Jesus, mankind goes through life with a huge void in their hearts. But the love of God heals and fills!  The Holy Spirit is waiting for you to ask and He will show you those in your family, church, and neighborhood who need to be encouraged.  Give them a call; send them a card or note, a text or an email. Sharing God’s love is as easy as just saying, “God put you on my heart today.”

Can you smile?  As we go about our daily lives, we find ourselves in the grocery store, pharmacy, bank, post office, farmers’ market.  Many times the people we encounter on our errands are frustrated, overworked, anxious, fearful, sick, and sometimes just plain mad!  Determine to share your smile with everyone you see. Smiles can be contagious and heart-warming! A smile can turn on a light in the darkness of someone’s life.

Can you wrap your arms around someone who needs a hug?  Maybe someone in your family, maybe a friend or neighbor, is going through a hard time.  They’ve lost a loved one, a treasured pet, their job.  What do they need, Lord?  They need compassion.  They need a listening ear.  They need a hug.  They need Jesus – and it is possible they can experience Him only through you.  Can you be available?

You are so very important to the Kingdom of God!  The enemy wants us to think we have no value, no worth, no purpose that can be fulfilled once our bodies reach a certain age.  DON’T BELIEVE HIS LIES!  Keep your focus on Jesus and His Word.  What does the Bible say about you?  THAT IS THE TRUTH!  And it doesn’t change, regardless of how many years come and go.  So rejoice and be glad!  Ask the Holy Spirit to show you ways you can share God’s love with others.  He is creative!  As you purpose to respond to His leading, I declare you will step into the best days of the best years of your life!  And you will bear much fruit for the Kingdom, fruit that remains!