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time with your Father

The question arises, when is the BEST time to have a time alone with your Heavenly Father?  The Bible tells us Jesus went alone up on a mountain and prayed all night.  The account doesn’t indicate He came down the next morning and went to bed.  It seems He ministered all day, prayed all night, and came down to minister all day again.  By example, Jesus spent time with the Father while everyone else was sleeping.

Many cry, “that’s not necessary! You can spend time with the Father ANY time that you have free time, it doesn’t have to be early in the morning (cry those who stay up late and don’t want to rise up early); it doesn’t have to be late at night (cry those who rise up early for work and fall asleep on the sofa by 9pm); it doesn’t have to be during my lunch hour (cry those who love to eat).”  Many seem to focus on all the reasons they can’t connect with the Father on a regular basis, rather than seeking a time and place where they can connect.


God’s Answer for Schools

Our schools are becoming war zones in America. No longer safe at school, students are being trained how to respond to an active shooter alarm, in much the same way they have practiced fire drills and tornado drills.  Our young people are being prepared for life in a war zone with imminent danger.  Soon they may be trained to recognize and report fellow students who potentially pose a threat to their safety.

In the wake of February’s school shootings in Florida, many students, parents, politicians, and the media have posed ideas to create safer schools.  Included are demands for gun control, the banning of assault rifles, increasing the age limit and enforcing more stringent background checks for those purchasing guns. Guns aren’t the killer.  Knives, bombs, baseball bats, strong hands around a throat–aren’t the killers.  If a person desires to kill another, they can find a tool, but it isn’t the tool that kills.  The killer is the heart filled with hatred: self-hatred, and hatred for others.  No new law can change a human heart.  Only God can do that. 


continue the acts

We are in the LAST of the LAST days!  In the Bible, the book we refer to as “Acts” is titled, “The Acts of the Apostles”.  Perhaps a more accurate title could be, “The book of the Acts of the Holy Spirit”.  The acts done by the Apostles were accomplished by the Holy Spirit, Who flowed through them to reach a spiritually lost generation.  Even Jesus said, “In Myself I can do nothing; it is the Father Who does the works.” The Apostles were no different, and neither are we.  The power of God, the Holy Spirit, flowed through them accomplishing the will of God in their lives.

On the Day of Pentecost, following Jesus’ ascension into Heaven, the Holy Spirit descended on 120 men and women gathered in the Upper Room, filling them with a supply of His power.


don’t let your age limit your usefulness to the kingdom

As my day began, I found myself thinking of things I desired to do for the Kingdom, still undone.  My mind suggested that considering my age, it was possible I would not experience all that was in my heart.  Knowing it was God’s design for mankind to live 120 years (Genesis 6:5),  I realize I am just middle-aged!  Yet when I think of the limitations so many people experience with aging, my mind quickly concluded my usefulness in the Kingdom could be limited.

Thank God the Lord interrupted my thought-filled ponderings with these words: